What is the main difference between Dr. Becker’s Bites and the hundreds of other treats on the market?

Read the ingredient label of your current treat, then compare the ingredients to ours. Dr. Becker’s Bites uses only 100% USDA inspected beef and bison liver and heart (human grade) … that’s it! Most likely, the first or second ingredient of your current treat will list some form of grain. Dr. Becker’s Bites uses only pure meat, which is what a carnivore’s digestive system is intended to digest in the first place! It’s made with the health of pets in mind and we cut no corners to compromise health for cost.

My pet has allergies (or is overweight or has diabetes). Is this treat safe?

This treat is what your pet should be on for these conditions! With no grain, no filler, no salt and no preservatives, it is high in protein for health-related issues and because it’s a true, 100% meat treat, allergies are not even an issue for your carnivorous pet, unless your carnivore is allergic to meat.

Why does a bag of Dr. Becker’s Bites cost more than most other treats?

Because you are getting what you pay for! Could we cut the price in half by using grain (or another filler) as the primary ingredient? Of course… which is what most manufacturers do. However, most vets will agree that the healthiest treat available is a pure meat treat. Meat costs more than grain… and is healthier for your pet.

My dog is a finicky eater, yet devours your treat. You don’t add anything to enhance the flavor?

Welcome to the reaction of what a true, 100% meat treat provokes! No, we don’t add anything to our meat to further promote the flavor. Again… we don’t have to! A carnivore will know the difference when they sink their teeth into pure meat as opposed to grain-based treats. Have you ever seen a wolf “grazing” in a pasture? Of course not! They crave pure meat, just as dogs and cats do!

What is the “white stuff” on the back of the treat?

The white coloration is baked fat. Dr. Becker’s Bites does not “top coat” the treats for flavor with sprayed fat… we don’t need to. Instead, the flavor is literally (and naturally) baked into each treat. It’s the fat that provides most of the flavor for any treat. When fat is baked, its coloration tends to turn a chalky-white.

What is the shelf life for a bag of Dr. Becker’s Bites?

This depends greatly on how/where the bag is stored. In regions with relatively high temperatures and humidity, the life of a bag is shortened unless it is stored in a cool place (refrigerated). With a guaranteed analysis of 12% moisture, generally speaking, a bag of Dr. Becker’s Bites is “good” for 10-12 months.

If this treat is so rich, what happens if my pet eats an entire bag at once?

Health-wise? Nothing! As with a child who eats an entire bag of chocolate (and loves it!), their bowels may become loose, but there is no danger to their health.

How should I store the bag? Can I freeze it?

After opening, we recommend storing each bag of Dr. Becker’s Bites in your refrigerator. Freezing will not hurt the treat, but upon thawing, some moisture will be induced into the treat.

Why are their variations in color, shape and size?

Each individual bag of Dr. Becker’s Bites is hand-made from the beginning to end of our process. No two treats are identical, yet each individual treat has received hands-on care with the health of your pet in mind.

I am a trainer. Does Dr. Becker’s Bites come in smaller sizes?

We designed our treat with trainers in mind. Dr. Becker’s Bites can be broken into whatever size you wish to reward your pet with.